Our Mission

To create the ideal health care system for people living with HIV/AIDS.


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Work Groups

On occasion, the Planning Council authorizes specialized Work Groups to review selected issues on a short term basis. The links to our current Work Groups and Archived Work Groups are below.

Current Work Groups:

Homeless Work Group

Archived Work Groups:

Needs Assessment Work Group- Drug Use

Needs Assessment Work Group - Homeless & Unstably Housed

Joint Leadership Work Group

Integrated Plan Work Group

Policies & Procedures Work Group

Needs Assessment Work Group - Mental Health

Needs Assessment Work Group - Asian & Pacific Islanders

Transition Work Group

Essential Health Benefits Work Group

Needs Assessment Work Group

HIV Collaborative Planning Work Group

HIV and Aging Work Group

Needs Assessment 2010 Work Group

Policy and Procedure Work Group

Council Member's Rights & Responsibilities Work Group

Funding Streams Work Group

Housing Work Group

Needs Assessment Working Group